2018 October 24th - Congratulations, Honda!

Honda Motor Europe Logistics in Gent celebrates its 40th anniversary

The logistics center of Honda for Europe, Africa and the Middle East has been located in the port of Ghent for 40 years.
The first overseas branch of Honda was the one in Aalst, founded in 1962. In October 1978, the Ghent branch followed, originally Honda Europe NV.

Whoever drives to or from Langerbrugge Veer, crosses the grounds full of new Honda-cars. The large buildings can also be noticed. There is more to this than just importing new cars! Honda Motor Europe Logistics coordinates the transactions of various Honda products, which are supplied to the port of Ghent from all over the world. Some are temporarily stored here, others only make a virtual, administrative stop.

From 1993, other logistics centers were opened in Europe: Italy (1993), the United Kingdom (1995), Austria and Spain (1997), Sweden (2001) and Poland (2010).
In 2014, Honda Europe merged with the 6 logistics centers in Europe. Honda Belgium Factory in Aalst is also part of this.
They will continue under the new name Honda Motor Europe Logistics (HMEL).