Honda in Belgium

Honda Motor Europe Logistics NV
(HMEL Gent)

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Honda Ghent
Founded in 1978 in the harbour of Gent. HMEL Gent handles the distribution of cars, motorcycles, power products and industrial motors. They coordinate the logistics of parts and accessories for the European market. 462 associates are working at HMEL Gent.

Honda Motor Europe Logistics NV
(HMEL Aalst)

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Honda Aals
Production of 130.000 bumpers per year and distribution of body parts, with a total of 157 associates. Founded in 1962, this company was Honda’s first factory abroad.

Honda Motor Europe Ltd. - Aalst (HME-BNA)

Homologation and regulation office, founded in 1977. Associates: 23.

Honda Motor Europe North (HME-BNB)

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Honda BNB
Located in Zellik with 53 associates. They are responsible for cars, scooters, motorcycles, Power Equipment, parts and accessories for Belgium and Luxemburg.

Honda Access Europe (HAC-E)

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Honda HAC-E
Since 1992 responsible for development, purchase and sales of car accessories for Europe, Africa and Middle East, with a total of 54 associates.